Friday, May 13, 2016

What Happened to Malemotion?

I haven't been on Malemotion in a long time. But tonight I wanted to check it for any new hot vids. So I googled and clicked keumshow?!?
No link to click through to MM. And google was of no use for an answer.

Do any of you guys know what happened to Malemotion? I used to cum to that site day after day! And I want to cum to the hot amateur guys on there some more. And HOLY FUCK there were some seriously hot amateur guys on there!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Asshole Hunger! Eating A Hot Ass Is Fucking Glorious

I've had a major hunger for ass for weeks now. But I can't find a willing ass to eat and it's driving me fucking crazy!

I crave ass so much! I finger myself, pull it out, and smell it. The smell of my own asshole makes me shiver with desire. I really badly want to watch a slut bottom get bred by as many guys as possible and then suck all that fucking hot jizz from his ass. The combination of the smell and taste of asshole and cum....oh, fuck fuck fuck. I need it.

Fucking Hot Breeding


Hot Hot Hot Bareback Fuck!